URBAN ARTS VILLAGE DEVONPORT:  What is an urban village?  What does it mean to live in a community today?

DEVONPORT ICONS:  Meet some of the creative people in Devonport’s community.

VILLAGE STYLE:  Meet the locals with their own distinctive dress sense in Village Style.

DEVONPORT WALKING MAPS:  Devonport is compact and perfect to get around by foot.  Visit studios, galleries, heritage sites, writer’s homes and other quirky/creative spots with the Arts and Heritage Walking Map and the  Literary Walking Map.

DEVONPORT IDENTITY:  Find out what is happening today, tomorrow or next week in Devonport, view galleries, markets, festivals, check out the local music scene and find out about Devonport’s theatre’s, libraries and other creative facilities.

DEVONPORT’S HISTORY:  Devonport’s past has a continued presence in the community.